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Dog Fight 1

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One of the fun and exciting games you can play online is Dog Fight 1. This is an online flash game that requires no real download. You too can be a World War 1 flying ace just like Snoopy using your Sopwith Camel to shoot down German enemy aircraft. You are in an airplane and it is up to you to evade the enemy using your arrow keys and space bar to control the direction of your plane and shoot the enemy. Get them before they get you! You have to be careful not to crash though, and that is easy to do when you are playing this game. Test your flying skills, and your shooting skills when you are playing Dog Fight 1. It is a fun and exciting game that can give you the feel of being a flying ace with a simple click of some keys on your keyboard. With an easy instant play game you can enjoy, Dog Fight 1 is great fun.

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