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Dog Fight 2

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If you are interested playing online games, I can advice you try Dogfight 2 and you will definitely enjoy the experience. Dogfight 2 is an online shooter game which takes place in the skies. The objective are that you take control of a fighter plane that is involved in a series of missions during the World War , the planes is for the Germany side. There are words associated with the game players and include; dogfight, war, sky, mission, enemy, bomb, plane, battle among others. The sky shooting online game was developed by Rock Solid Arcade during World War One. The game controls are very easy for a beginner to pick up; directional arrows will move the plane, to fire your machine gun, you just tap the space button and if you want to drop a bomb, simply use the control key. It’s important that you pay attention to the mission briefing which happens before starting for this will help you manage your goals and objectives asked. In addition, every mission will ensure you have a tip that will help you finish your mission objectives. The tips include skills, which in the game are the Ace Tactics. The tactics help you earn point multipliers and assists in evading enemy‚Äôs attacks like gunfire. In Dog Fight 2 game, most of the missions require you to shoot down the enemy bombers and their fighter planes or use your bombs to destroy the enemy ground forces. As you go on with the game, you will realize that there are a larger variety of objectives which get included testing you abilities to deal with the armed enemies during the mission. If the players are killed during the mission, you have then failed to achieve the objectives and you can start another mission. Rock Solid Arcade are well known when it comes to computer games, they have not only designed and set the Dog Fight 2 but have also developed much more other online games.

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